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 Membership Details

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PostSubject: Membership Details   7/29/2017, 6:13 pm

Memberships will be available during the Beta, and carry over to the Official Release. Memberships grant you special perks, but are not too intense.

The current only available Membership is the Silver Membership, at $15 a month., the Bronze Membership will eventually become available (and given to everyone who participates in the Beta, as a sort of Thank-You from us.)

Silver Membership Details

The Silver Membership is $15 a month and grants you access to several commands, discounted prices, a 10% exp boost, and 10% gold-find boost.

Commands granted:

#compare - Allows you to type #compare and drag two items into the box that pops up to compare the stats of two items.
#members - Allows you to type #members to view other players who have memberships.
#name - You will be granted a one-time (first purchase) name-change ticket allowing you to change your name as you please, to any currently available, or inactive character names.
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Membership Details
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